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XEN Crypto

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XEN aims to be a community-driven crypto project where like-minded people will come together
and use XEN for the financial services they require.
XEN will achieve being a community-driven crypto through the help of these features:
Lowest Entry bar:The entry bar to XEN is almost 0.
There are no prerequisites, and users do not have to put a large amount of money in the
system to start with XEN.
Can easily exit stakes:
Stakers of XEN can exit their stake whenever they want without any penalties or staking

Starts with Zero supply:

XEN will start with 0 supply, and minting will begin depending upon the user's participation.
No maximum cap:
XEN is not going to have a maximum cap but the way the cap will work is, as more and
more people mint, it will become difficult to generate and mint more tokens.
Also, XEN is inflationary in the beginning and deflationary as adoption decreases.
Proof of Participation
XEN isn't going to have a proof of stake or work mechanism but will have what's known
as Proof of Participation.
This will allow XEN users to have full ownership rights through self-custody.
Same rules across the board:
XEN uses what is known as a "fair system of new token distribution," allowing all participants
to be subject to the same immutable rules.
So everyone on XEN is treated fairly.
XEN is immutable:
Another great thing about XEN is that it is immutable.
Meaning: it can never be changed nor be stopped by anyone.
Starts with Zero:
Since XEN has no backing from investors, it wouldn't start with any intrinsic value.
XEN to use different blockchains:
Lastly, XEN is kept open-sourced to keep everyone happy and will be deployed on different blockchains,
including BSC, Ethereum, and PulseChain.

What is the XEN crypto?

When Bitcoin's whitepaper was first pinned down in 2008, no one thought with just a few
lines of code that global finance would look very different in the years to come.
Despite so much backlash, crypto is here, and with every bear market, it grows even
more robust and sets All Time Highs.
With the growing demand, there's also an increase in the number of crypto projects either in
circulation or in the development phase, and out of so many, XEN is amongst those that
stand out.

This is because everything about XEN is "revolutionary" to begin with!!!
XEN's founder is Jack Levin, who is Google's 21st employee.
Having such an accomplished Tech background certainly helps build trust, as it means Levin
is here for business because of his solid skills and past knowledge.
Levin's inspiration behind XEN is that he believes the world is moving away from the
original concept of blockchain as projects that are coming out these days are not decentralized,
and have peer-to-peer value exchange, transparency, and self-custody.
Due to this, the crypto world exists in a "bipolar plane" where many cryptocurrencies
are only used for pump and dump schemes, leaving only scammers as the winners.
With XEN, Levin wants to change that and revive the original goal of Bitcoin, revealed in
2008 by its WhitePaper.

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