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what's going on ladies and gentlemen it

is me the crypto Nico and today

I found something that is odd

very very odd not sure exactly how to

understand and what I'm looking at I'm

just going to go ahead and show it to


let's go ahead and get into what I'm

about to show you

so ladies and gentlemen what I present

to you is a John Doe

on behalf of himself and all other

similarly situated

class action lawsuit against Richard Hart

now this was filed October 12th and

they filed the punitive class action lawsuit against Richard Hart

the findings of facts

the plaintiff has sued defendant under

state and federal securities

laws seeking to hold defended liable for

sale of unregistered securities

the plaintiff also seeks a

declaratory judgment holding as a matter

of law that the defendant's product is a


the plaintiff has produced substantial

evidence pertaining to the place of

residents of Richard Hart in the form of



numerous public statements of defendant

Schuler and the results of an investigation performed by a private investigator this is literally freaking crazy

reasonable notice

do Process Clause requires the following means okay

they're quoting some law

defendant Schuler uses Twitter to  communicate

about hex product with regulatory or

regularity sorry regularity

uh between these dates he tweeted 609

times also Schuler's Twitter is verified by Twitter

thus service of summons and complaint

via Twitter is reasonably calculated to

reach defendant Schuler himself so he technically was served

via Twitter


Transcript from abc crypto
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